Mental Health Resources

For General Public:

  • If you are experiencing an emotional crisis and need immediate assistance, please contact the Gerstein Centre, 24/7 Distress Line at 416-929-5200.
  • If you are in distress or need emotional support, you can contact Toronto Distress Centre, 24/7 Crisis Support line at 416-408-4357
  • ConnexOntario offers free mental health services to adults on a range of issues
  • Connect with a licensed therapist for mental health help online through Maple. or talk with a licensed, professional therapist online through BetterHelp
  • Other services are the InkBloththerapy, or the Skylark Clinic, both of which offer counselling over the phone. 
  • You can also contact your family doctor/GP for a telephone consult. 

For Post Secondary Students: 

For Ryerson University Students: 

  • Links to mental health and wellbeing resources can be found here 

For Ryerson University Staff and Faculty: 

  • Links to mental health and wellbeing resources can be found here.

Additional Resources: 

Workshop Resources

What we heard:

1. Slickly produced vignette: Envoy Office Hacks  0:00 to 3:25

2. Soundscaping and narration: Meet the TPL Innovator in Residence


(+ activity)

3. Non-narrated: Ryerson Rewind

0:00 to 1:40

4. Creative/niche: Sleep With Me

5:50 to 6:41

5. Personal diary: Seneca Journalism Start at 1 min and go until 2:00



Basic tools

Record with phone. Then convert audio to mp3 or wav

Upload to:

Phone interviews






Social media

Colour Theory

A classic: Interaction of Color by Josef Albers (book) 

Cultural history of colour: The Story of Colour: An Exploration of the Hidden Messages of the Spectrum by Gavin Evans (book) 

An introduction for photographer:

For testing a colour palette:


Focus and Depth of Field

A good primer for smartphones:

iPhone how-to:

The Queen of Soft Portrait: Julia Margaret Cameron


Light and Shadow

A classic: Ansel Adams’ Zone System explained and translated for the digital world

The basics: understanding light:

A primer on how to use shadows creatively:


Instagram Inspiration

If you want to see more of my cat: @lbutetroch

Women photographers around the world: @wpthejournal




Fun Still lives