Vocals Week: May 25-29

Connect. Create. Unite.

The Communities Create Initiative empowers Canadians to express themselves using creativity, to build their skills, and find human connection during this unprecedented time. Participants are invited to engage in a series of free online workshops sponsored by the Canadian creative community, to help them convey how they are feeling through a variety of different mediums, and then share their work online.


This initiative is supported by a consortium of Canadian media and arts organizations that will host weekly creative workshops led by Canadian artists and makers across a variety of disciplines. The workshops are free and open to Canadians of all ages and levels of experience.

Be a part of #CommunitiesCreate

How are you feeling right now?

Each workshop will approach the question “how are you feeling right now?” in a number of different ways. Once complete, participants will be invited to share their creative works using the hashtag #CommunitiesCreate. The content will be compiled into a “time capsule” to form a collective look at how Canadians are feeling through the pandemic.

How to participate

Join a Communities Create Initiative workshop.

Create an expression of how you are feeling using the skills you learn.

Share your creation with the world using the hashtag #CommunitiesCreate

Every Monday at 12 pm EST, a new creative workshop will go live.

Each participatory, online workshop will last approximately 45 to 90 minutes.


Letting Go: A Singing Workshop for the Body and Mind

Presented by Humber College

May 25 | 12:00-1:00pm

Singer-songwriter, Lauren Dillen, will show you the physical and emotional aspects of singing. Learn about how the vulnerability that singing presents can connect your body and mind and help you let go.

Writing the Blues with Katie DuTemple

Presented by Artscape Daniels Launchpad

June 1 | 12:00-1:00pm

Participants will engage in an interactive, one-hour songwriting workshop focusing on the 12 bar blues and the theme of struggle. As a group, they will listen to music, learn a brief history of the blues, discuss emotions/situations relating to struggle, and write 12 bar blues lyrics all together, which the facilitator will sing. Open to musicians and non-musicians alike, the group is recommended and engaging for anyone curious about writing songs but doesn’t know where to start.

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“This is a bigger piece to leverage the creative community to help support and unify Canadians.” – Ramona Pringle

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