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Connect. Create. Unite.

The Communities Create Initiative empowers Canadians to express themselves using creativity, to build their skills, and find human connection during this unprecedented time. Participants are invited to engage in a series of free online workshops sponsored by the Canadian creative community, to help them convey how they are feeling through a variety of different mediums, and then share their work online.


This initiative is supported by a consortium of Canadian media and arts organizations that will host weekly creative workshops led by Canadian artists and makers across a variety of disciplines. The workshops are free and open to Canadians of all ages and levels of experience.

Be a part of #CommunitiesCreate

How are you feeling right now?

Each workshop will approach the question “how are you feeling right now?” in a number of different ways. Once complete, participants will be invited to share their creative works using the hashtag #CommunitiesCreate. The content will be compiled into a “time capsule” to form a collective look at how Canadians are feeling through the pandemic.

How to participate

Join a Communities Create Initiative workshop.

Create an expression of how you are feeling using the skills you learn.

Share your creation with the world using the hashtag #CommunitiesCreate

Every Monday at 12 pm EST, a new creative workshop will go live.

Each participatory, online workshop will last approximately 45 to 90 minutes.


Documenting Elder Stories

with Dominique Keller

Presented by NFB & Story Money Impact

August 17 | 12:00-1:00pm

Learn how to use documentary filmmaking techniques to connect with and document the stories of older individuals. Explore subject selection, project focus, ethics, interview techniques and technology use while working with elders. Create a mini-documentary that asks an older person “How are you feeling right now”?

Making A Simple Game In Unreal Engine 4

with Brent George

Presented by Agora Studios

August 24 | 12:00-1:00pm

Making a game is easier than you might think! Not so long ago, it would be impossible to make a game unless you knew how to program, but Unreal 4 changed all of that and has made game development accessible to mere mortals. If the notion of making your own game tickles your curiosity, then I would urge you to come and check out my workshop. This live workshop will cover the core aspects of how to build your own game that you’ll be able to play and share when you’re done! Things you’ll need: your curiosity and imagination, a free Epic Games account so you can download and use Unreal Engine 4

Sculpting with Recycled Chalkboard

with Roland Chun Shing Au

Presented by Ross Creek Centre for the Arts

August 31 | 12:00-1:00pm

This is a workshop that explores how to recycle cardboard into an extraordinary sculpture. Open to participants of all ages and experiences levels! Artist, Roland Chun Shing Au, will talk you through the process from ideas to the final artwork and some unique technique.

In the Media

“This is a bigger piece to leverage the creative community to help support and unify Canadians.” – Ramona Pringle

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